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Covid 19 – 2

Covid-19 Resources

For updated Covid-19 resources, please see our Covid-19 Information Page. Our Autism Cards are also available.

Research Study

Autism Research Study Examining the Effects of Workplace Design.

Research Study

Exploring access to respite care through hospitals/acute care services from the perspectives of families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Research Study

Autism Specific Transition Resources - Dr Sinéad Smyth, School of Psychology, DCU.

Research Study

Mothers’ Stories: Experiences of Mothers who have a child with Autism in mainstream school.

Research Study

Research study examining the experience of Adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Our Autism Information Cards

During these unprecedented times, it can be difficult to adapt to the new circumstances and social norms that are being asked of us all. Our Autism Information Cards may be…