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Find out more about different types of research and publications done by The Irish Society for Autism

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The Irish Society for Autism believes that research is vitally important to improve the quality of life of people with Autism and their families.

Over the years our organisation has conducted research in numerous areas relating to Autism and will continue to do so into the future. You can view our research studies below. You can also find information regarding various research topics and studies being undertaken by other individuals and organisations.

Latest research


Research Study

Mealtime Behaviours in Children with Autism and Strategies adopted by Parents to Manage Behaviours in Ireland and Italy

Research Study

Parents Perspectives on experiences of inclusion of their child with ASD in mainstream primary schools in Ireland.

Research Study

Carrie Grennan is a researcher at Dublin City University/Queen’s University Belfast, and along with 3 other researchers is conducting a research project focusing on the autism community, as well as…

Research & Resources

Below you can see research conducted by The Irish Society for Autism, as well as other ongoing research studies

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The Irish Society for Autism research, resources & publications

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