Autism Cards

The Irish Society for Autism provides two Autism Cards which may be of use to parents and people who come into contact with a person with Autism. One is a general Autism Information Card, and the other is an Autism Alert Card. 

These cards aim to provide information to members of the public if needed, and in addition the Autism Alert Card allows for emergency contact details to be noted, should a child/person with Autism become separated from their families or care giver.

The cards were developed in response to direct feedback we received from parents and families. Many families expressed a need for a card that could be used in situations where the Autistic person may wander, or get distressed in a public setting.

Please see the below images of the front and back of each card;


Autism Information Card

Autism Alert Card

These cards are available free of charge, and do not require membership or registration.

If you would like either of these cards, please email us at to request one (please provide a postal address).