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How You Can Help

Find out how you or your organisation can help to support our work.

Make a Donation

Find out the different ways that you can make a donation to the Irish Society for Autism.

Make a Recurring Donation

Find out how you can set up a monthly donation online through Just Giving, or download our form to set up a standing order with your bank.

Create an Online Fundraising Page

Create an online fundraising page through Just Giving.

Organise a Fundraising Event

Would you like to support the Irish Society for Autism by organising your own event, or by taking part in a sponsored event on our behalf?


Create a charity partnership, nominate us as your charity of the year, set up an online corporate fundraising page, or give a corporate donation.

Legacy/In Memory

Leave a gift in your will or setup an on online fundraising page in memory of a loved one on our behalf.


Support our yearly Christmas campaign by giving a Christmas gift, or by buying Christmas cards and decorations.

Wedding Favours

If you would like to consider making a charitable donation as part of your special day, please get in touch with us.