The Charter of Rights for Persons with Autism

The Charter of Rights for Person with Autism was co-written by Pat Matthews, Executive Director of the Irish Society for Autism.
Thursday May 9th, 1996 will be remembered by parents, professionals and friends of people with Autism as a historic occasion in the European Union for the attainment of rights by persons with Autism.

On this special day the President of the European Parliament announced that Written Declaration 3/96 by Mrs Banotti on the rights of people with Autism had been signed by 331 Members and passed by the parliament.

Pursuant to Rule 48 (4) of the European Parliament, the Parliament instructed its President to forward the declaration on all EU languages to the Institutions of the Union and the governments and parliaments of the Member States.

This is only the third declaration to be adopted since the rules changed in 1990.

The Declaration will have far reaching consequences for the quality of life for children and adults with Autism across Europe.

The Declaration states that people with Autism should have the same rights enjoyed by all EU citizens, where such be appropriate and in the best interest of the person with Autism and that these rights should be enhanced and enforced by appropriate legislation in each member state.

Diagnostic services, individualised education, family support, housing, vocational training and life long care, will all now have to be adequately addressed and appropriate services provided.

On behalf of people with Autism I congratulate Ms. Mary Banotti and all the other M.E.P.’s who worked hard to achieve this momentous approval.

Pat Matthews
Executive Director, Irish Society for Autism.
Immediate Past President, World Autism Organisation.

Co-Authors of the Charter

Pat Matthews
Executive Director, Irish Society for Autism
Immediate Past President, World Autism Organisation

Paul Shattock
Director, Autism Research Unit
University of Sunderland

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