Our Mission, Vision and Values

Principal Objectives of the Irish Society for Autism

The provision of a life-long residential, caring and developmental service for People with Autism.

The provision of a model for future development which will be seen to be particularly appropriate to people with Autism and which will demonstrate their capacity to develop and grow in a service which recognises their human dignity and individual needs.

The implementation of the rights of people with Autism as set down in the International Association Autism Europe Charter of Rights for People with Autism.

Philosophy of the Irish Society for Autism

The essential philosophy of the Irish Society for Autism is a recognition of the individuality of People with Autism, their capacity to benefit from education, training, and care and their entitlement to participate in the development of society in accordance with their individual capacity and dignity as human beings.


About Us

The Irish Society for Autism was created in 1963, and has long campaigned for the cause of Autism in Ireland and Worldwide. We are the longest established specialist service for people with Autism in Ireland. The Society was formed...
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World Autism Day
Contact Us

Irish Society for Autism
Unity Building
16/17 Lower O’Connell Street
Dublin 1, Ireland

Phone: +353 1 874 4684
Email: admin@autism.ie

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