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Research Study

Cultivating joy: Exploring the relationship between hobbies, mindfulness, happiness and life satisfaction in neurotypical and autistic populations.

Please read the below information regarding research that you may wish to participate in:

Sarah Hickey is conducting a research project, which has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee in Dublin City University. The study aims to investigate the relationship between hobbies/interests, mindfulness and happiness/life satisfaction in both non-autistic people and people with autism.

Sarah is looking for insights into what kind of hobbies/interests people engage in and self-reported levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

To participate in this study you are required to be:

  1. Over the age of 18
  2. Have a hobby or interest that you currently engage in for at least 2 hours per week
  3. Either have an official diagnosis of autism or are non-autistic

If you decide to participate in this study, you will be invited to complete a short survey online. This should take no longer than 15 minutes. During this survey, you will be asked some questions about yourself and your hobby or interest. You will also be asked some questions about your current wellbeing.

If you are interested in participating in this research please scan the QR code or contact Sarah Hickey at

You can view the Plain Language Statement here.