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Syrens: A Neurolinguistic study to assess cognitive abilities and develop composite biomarkers in Fragile X Premutation Carriers.

Please read below information regarding research that you may wish to participate in:

Fabiana is a PhD student in Trinity College, in the School of Psychology, sponsored by Ulysses Neuroscience, a research focused company based in Trinity and is recruiting participants for her study which involves Fragile X Premutation Carriers.

Fabiana is looking for participants for Syrens, a PhD study at Bianchi’s Lab / Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. on early detection of neurodegeneration through language abilities and molecular measurement in Fragile X Premutation Carriers.

She is looking for people aged 18+ and English native speakers.

Fabiana is in need of participants who are not premutation carriers (to function as healthy controls) and Fragile X Premutation Carriers.

Participants will have the choice of taking part in the in-person or online study, depending on their availability and place of residence.

In-person study in Ireland:

They aim to combine two different kind of assessments:

  1. Psycholinguistic tasks: participants will perform 5 different tasks after blood collection in TCIN (25 minutes).
  2. Blood samples collection: performed by a trained phlebotomist in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN). Only 1 tube, less than 9ml, will be taken from each participant (15minutes).
Online study:

The online assessment will be done through a single zoom call where participants will be sent a link to perform the psycholinguistic tasks remotely from the comfort of their home with the assistance of the experimenter. They will only need a stable internet connection, a laptop or a computer, a mouse, and 25 minutes of their time.

Taking part in the online assessment will not require a blood draw.

Further information on this study can be seen at

Those interested in participating can contact me Fabiana at