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Quiet Hours at Decathlon

Decathlon Dublin have introduced quiet hours every Monday and Wednesday from 10am-11am.

Decathlon believe that “there is a place for everyone within sport, regardless of an individual’s ability or disability”, and they are taking this one step forward by trying to make their retail experience accessible to all.

They have introduced a quiet hour in the store on two days a week – Monday and Wednesday form 10am-11am. During this time, there will be no music playing, no announcements, no playground areas pre-booked and the lights will be dimmed.

It is Decathlon’s hope that these quiet hours will make people and families with autism, sensory conditions and other invisible disabilities more at ease, to have a better, more relaxed shopping experience and to feel like they belong in the sports community.

For further information, please see Decathlon’s Website here, or you can contact their Ballymun store at:

St Margaret’s Rd,
D11 X2NC.

Phone Number: 01-253 0166