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Donation of Trampoline to St. Paul’s Special School

A huge thank you to Gary from Trampolines Ireland who very kindly donated a 14 foot trampoline to the Irish Society for Autism, which St. Paul’s Special School will be the beneficiary of.

St. Paul’s said, “Trampolining has some extra benefits to children and adults who have to deal with sensory imbalances. This is particularly important in the case of autism. People with autism will often seek relief from these imbalances. They do so through repetitive movements such as rocking, swinging, and fidgeting. The act of bouncing on a trampoline is an excellent way to stimulate these soothing movements in a safe way…the children will have years of fun ahead!”

For more information, please see http://www.stpaulsspecialschool.ie/trampoline-donated-by-trampolines-ireland/ and https://trampolinesireland.com/