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Research Study

TRAINS Parent Questionnaire

Please read the below information regarding research that you may wish to participate in:

TRAINS stands for Transitions for All into School, and is a three year research project (2019-2022) which is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. The project coordinator is Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom) in collaboration with NARHU – National Association of Professionals Working with Disabled People (Bulgaria), the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Families (Germany), and the Institute of Child Education and Psychology, Europe (Ireland).

The TRAINS project aims to facilitate more successful transitions into primary school for all students within the European Union, by marrying the foremost research in the field of successful school transitions with best practice in education across Europe. In order to achieve this the partners will collaborate closely with educators and teachers working across the participating countries, in order to inform the development and subsequent evaluation of tailored learning and professional development materials for teaching professionals, namely:

A suite of transitions training materials
A transnational guide for educators
A parent’s guide to transitions
A tailored e-learning platform

The Researchers would like to study the transition from pre-school to primary school for children across Europe. This questionnaire is designed to capture parental perceptions of their child’s transitions, and identify aspects of the transitions which they found to be beneficial and more challenging. They are looking for parents to complete the research questionnaire who have:

  • recently made the transition from early years settings into primary school; or
  • will be making the transition into primary school in the coming year.

The questionnaire should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is voluntary and confidential, and the data gathered will only be utilised for the purposes of TRAINS research and TRAINS related publications. You are free to withdraw your participation at any time.

If you would like to discuss your participation further, please contact Mr. Stephen Smith (Senior Research Officer, ICEP Europe) at

To participate in the research study please click on the following link: