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Merry Christmas 2016Thursday, 22 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

The ASD Restricted & Repetitive Behaviours Research SurveyWednesday, 16 November 2016

Professor Andrew Cashin, a Professor of Nursing at Southern Cross University, NSW Australia has just launched a survey related to restrictive and repetitive behaviours in school age people on the spectrum for parents and guardians to complete. The survey has been approved by the Southern Cross University Human ethics committee (approval ECN-16-249)

While central to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) restrictive and repetitive behaviours often change over time and increase and decrease in intensity.

This survey forms part of the process of developing this knowledge. The survey is for parents and or guardians of people with ASD engaged in some form of primary or secondary schooling (in the approximate age range of 6-18 years). This includes parents and guardians of people with the diagnosis of ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified (PDDnos). The survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Answers can be saved and the survey completed at a later time if needed.

For any concerns related to the ethical conduct of this research please contact the chair of the human research ethics committee Southern Cross University For any questions related to the survey please contact Andrew on  The findings will form the basis of journal publications, conference presentations and future research plans. All published findings will not be identifiable to any single participant.

To take the survey visit

Europe pass written declaration on AutismWednesday, 9 September 2015


9 September 2015

The European Parliament passes a written declaration on autism

The adoption of the written declaration on autism, drafted in cooperation with Autism-Europe, was officially announced this week by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, during the opening of the plenary session in Strasbourg. 418 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) signed the Written Declaration, which calls on the European Union and its Member States to adopt a European strategy for autism.

MEP Nicola Caputo, first signatory of the written declaration, stressed the need to improve support for those affected by autism in the EU. “Despite the importance of early diagnosis to provide adequate support and education, early detection is still lacking across Europe. This is why I call upon the Commission and the Council to support accurate and early detection and diagnosis of children and adults with autism. Moreover we urgently need a European strategy which should aim at encouraging research on autism, prevalence studies and exchange of best practices regarding evidence-based interventions for children with autism, as well as habilitation services for adults”, MEP Caputo said.

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About Us

The Irish Society for Autism was created in 1963, and has long campaigned for the cause of Autism in Ireland and Worldwide. We are the longest established specialist service for people with Autism in Ireland. The Society was formed...
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