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Research Study

Perspectives of young autistic adults on their post-primary educational experiences in Ireland.

Please read below information regarding research that you may wish to participate in:

Tara Vernon, is an MEd student with Mary Immaculate College and is currently studying for a Masters in Autism Studies.

Tara is conducting a research project on the perspectives of young autistic adults (aged 18-22) with regards to their post-primary educational experiences in Ireland. This study aims to capture and give voice to the lived experiences of members of the autistic community during their post-primary school education. This study hopes to contribute to a greater national understanding of how education is experienced by autistic students in Ireland and potentially provide insights into the elements required to provide appropriate, meaningful, and supportive teaching and learning environments.

If you are a young autistic adult aged 18 to 22 and would you like to give your perspective on your secondary school experience. You will be invited to take part in an interview with Tara about your time in Post-Primary education. The interview will be no longer than 30 minutes and you can stop the interview at any time. The interview can be in person or online. Your answers will be made anonymous.

If you would like to participate in this research, or have any questions about this study you can email Tara at or course coordinator Emma O’Brien at

Please see the below documents for additional information: