Looking to Fundraise but not sure what to do?

We have some fantastic event ideas for you to organise for friends and family that are guaranteed to be fun whilst also raising some much need money for Autism.

A-Z Fundraising ideas

A Auction, Art Exhibition, Aeroplane Rides, Antique Fair
B Bag Packing, BBQ, Balloon Race, Bed Push, Bike Race, Bungee Jumps, Busking
C Car Boot Sales, Concerts, Comedy Shows, Coffee Mornings, Cake Sales, Cleaning
D Dance Marathon, Disco, Dinners, Dress Down Days, Denim Days
E Exhibition, Entertainment, Elephant Ride
F Flag Days, Fashion Show, Film Night, Fun Days, Fairs and Fetes, Football Competitions
G Garden Party, Garage Sale, Golf Classics, Gala Events, Garden Makeover
H Head Shave, Hot Air Ballooning, Helicopter Ride, Haunted House, House Makeover
I Ice Skating, Ironing
J Jail Break, Jumble Sales, Juggling, Jazz Dancing
K Karaoke Nights, Kidnaps, Kite Flying Competitions
L Labouring, Lucky Dips, Landscaping, Ludo
M Murder Mystery, Marathons, Model Boat/Plane/Car Race, Mile of cents, Mural Painting
N Night Hike, Netball Tournament
O Orienteering, Open Days
P Pub Quiz, Photographs, Parties, Portraits, Parachute Jumps, Parades, Plays
Q Quizzes
R Race Nights, Readathon, Record Attempts, Recipe Books, Raffles
S Sponsored: Run, Walk, Swim, Head Shave, Silence, Slim, Swap Shop, Street Collection
T Table Quiz, Treasure Hunt, Teddybears’ Picnic, Tea Party, Theatre Show, Tournaments
U Underwater Anything…
V Variety Show, Videos, Visits
W Wash-A-Car, Work Related Events, Web Design, Walks, Wills, Wishing Wells
X Xtraordinary Anything…
Y Yachting
Z Zoo Trips
About Us

The Irish Society for Autism was created in 1963, and has long campaigned for the cause of Autism in Ireland and Worldwide. We are the longest established specialist service for people with Autism in Ireland. The Society was formed...
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The Charter of Rights for People with Autism World Autism Day
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