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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to rent

The Irish Society for Autism has a large library of books and booklets available for rent. For further information on what is available, please see the list below.


Autistic Children: One Way Through, The Doucecroft School Approach

Ian B Ashton

The Doucecroft School was founded by the Essex Autistic Society. This book describes the techniques used by the school to deal with behaviour problems, communication difficulties and the teaching of life skills, always in close cooperation with parents.


Language of Autistic Children

Dan W. Churchill

Language of Autistic children is based on more than a decade of concentrated research at the Indiana University Clinical Research Centre for early childhood schizophrenia where the highly interesting and insightful cases of children featured in this bool have been developed over long periods of time.


To a different drumbeat- A practical guide to parenting children with special needs.

P.Clarke, H. Hofsky, J. Lauruol

This book is a book on childcare, with a difference. It is written by parents for parents, and is based on personal experience. It seeks to address the problem areas of those whose children have handicaps or special needs.


Autism - The Facts

Baron-Cohen & Bolton

This book offers practical advice about Autism in a clear and accessible style. It is highly recommended as the best source from which parents and others can learn the key facts about Autism.


Children with Emerald Eyes

Mira Rothenberg

Mira Rothenberg works with Autistic and Schizophrenic children. This book is an account of her most dramatic experiences with them. It is not a compilation of case histories but a story of children in trouble and of the therapist herself who sees and describes them uniquely, with a degree of patience, tenderness and understanding.

15C, D

Autism, Preparing for Adulthood

Patricia Howlin

This book raises awareness and provides practical solutions to enable recognition, understanding and support to adults with Autism. It aims to inform professionals and carers of what can be achieved by people with Autism in adult life, how to cope with their difficulties, and to help those living with Autism to achieve greater fulfillment of their potential.

18C, D, E

Autism, Professional Perspectives and Practice - Therapy in Practice Vol. 17

Kathryn Ellis

This book will prepare all those who deal with people who have Autism for the various stages a child will go through. It takes the reader through from initial diagnosis, explains the educational needs of the child and adolescent, and also looks at specific practical problems.


Autism, Explaining the Enigma

Uta Frith

This book presents the first satisfactory psychological account of what happens in the Autistic mind. Dr. Frith writes in a way that makes her thinking accessible to a lay audience.


Too many drugs, too little care

Jane Hubert

Parent’s perceptions of the administration of drugs prescribed for young people with severe learning difficulties.


Teaching Developmentally disabled children, The ME book

O.Ivar Lovass

This books contains a set of programmes that were started many years ago in an attempt to help parents and teachers dealing with their developmentally disabled children.


The Siege, A Family's Journey into the World of an Autistic Child

Clara Claiborne Park

In 1960 Jessy Park aged two, was remote, withdrawn unable to walk or talk yet oddly content within the invisible walls that surrounded her. Doctors were baffled. The study of Autism was still in its infancy. Jessy’s family stepped in. This book, now widely regarded as a classic work charts a surprising journey of discovery as it records the challenges and rewards of the first eight years of Jessy’s life.


The Sound of a Miracle

Annabel Stehli

Annabel Stehli, mother of Georgie persisted in seeking the best education of Georgie, ignoring doom-mongers sand harsh critics. Almost by chance, in Switzerland, Annabel Stehli heard of Dr. Guy Bernard’s innovative treatment to normalise hypersensitive hearing (Auditory Integration Training). The treatment was known to benefit certain types of Autistic children. In Georgie’s case the result was miraculous.


Autistic Children - new hope for a cure

N. & EA Tinbergen

In this book the author’s fresh approach to a phenomenon that, since it was identified in 1943 has baffled parents, child psychiatrists and therapists alike, offers well founded reasons for new hope to many thousands of children and their parents throughout the world.


Nobody Nowhere

Donna Williams

The remarkable autobiography of an Autistic girl.


Autism, a Practical Guide for Those Who Help Others

John Gerdtz & Joel Bregman M.D

This book focuses on the variety of services needed and available for Autistic children, adults and their families. The most important message of this book is that while there is no cure for Autism, every child and adult with Autism has the potential to lead a productive and fulfilling life.


Autism, Strategies for Change.

G. Groden Ph.D, & M. Grace Baron Ph.D.

This is a comprehensive approach to the education and treatment of children with Autism and related disorders.


Holistic Interpretation of Autism, A Theoretical Framework

Cheryl D. Seifert

As Title


Theories of Autism

Cheryl D. Seifert

As Title


The Hidden Child, The Linwood Method for Reaching the Autistic Child

Jeanne Simons & Sabine Oishi Ph.D

This book takes an informative look at Autism and a uniquely successful treatment programme for the Autistic child, developed by Jeanne Simons, a pioneer in the field. Readers of this book share the experiences of Ms. Simons who established a school for Autistic children that is recognised as one of the best in the nation.



Stephen Wiltshire

A collection of drawings by Stephen Wiltshire, a highly talented young artist with Autism.