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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to rent

The Irish Society for Autism has a large library of books and booklets available for rent. For further information on what is available, please see the list below.


Making Visual Supports Work in the home & the Community

Jennifer Saver & Brenda Smith Myles

A common sense approach to aid parents in using visual aids as teaching method for children with Autism or Asperger Syndrome in the home.


Teaching Young Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders to learn

Liz Hannah

A practical and accessible guide for parents and staff in mainstream schools and nurseries. This book will be a valuable resource for all those who live or work with young children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Includes strategies helpful to both those who have experience and those who have little knowledge of Autism.


The Alleviation of Family Problems

The National Autistic Society

Describes various programmes for ways of dealing with the problems shown by children with Autism in their own homes. Each programme was designed specifically for each child, with the help of their parents, the outcome is described in terms of progress made by the individual children. (Reprinted from “Treatment of Autistic Children” by P. Howlin & M. Rutter) 


The Special Curricular Needs of Autistic Children: Learning and Thinking Skills

Rita Jordan & Stuart Powell

This book deals with the problems such as Perception, Attention, Memory, Problem Solving, Social Mediation and suggests approaches to them. It also discusses a Cognitive Curriculum and the National Curriculum.


Treatment of Obsessive and Ritualistic Behaviours, Reprinted

The National Autistic Society

See Book 324. (Reprinted from “Treatment of Autistic Children” by P. Howlin & M. Rutter).


Population study of Children and adults with Autism comprising, SWAHB and East Coast Area Health Boards

M. Fitzgerald, P. Matthews, & G. Birkbeck

As Title.


Autism in the Early Years

V. Cumine, J.Leech & G. Stephenson

This book sets out to provide to parents and professionals an insight into the nature of educational implications of Autism. In addition the book aims to equip the reader with knowledge of a range of intervention strategies to promote learning, social development, communication and appropriate behaviour.


Able Autistic Children- Children with Asperger’s Syndrome a booklet for Brothers and sisters

Julie Davis

A book for parents and sibling groups which was written to help children understand Autism. It provides relevant terms and explanations
to give them a chance to make sense of as much as possible.


Children with Autism, a booklet for Brothers and Sisters

Julie Davis

See Booklet 332


A Mind of One’s Own

Digby Tantam & Sue Prestwood

A guide to the special difficulties and needs of the more able person with Autism or Asperger Syndrome.


Approaches to Autism

The National Autistic Society

A brand new edition of a very popular NAS publication, where new approaches have been added and older ones revised. This book is presented like a dictionary, with more than 50 entries appearing in alphabetical order. There is a brief description of each approach and details of where to go for further information. Each entry is written by someone who knows and uses the method.


Why does Chris do That

Tony Attwood

Some suggestions regarding the cause and management of the unusual behaviour of children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.


Timetable for Autism

The National Autistic Society

An overview of educating children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Autism as a Metabolic Disorder: Guidelines for Gluten & Casein Free dietary Intervention

P.Shattock, P.Whiteley & D. Savery

The authors of this book are part of the Autism Research Unit, School of Science, University of Sunderland. For 15 years the authors have been examining the presence of chemical entities in the urine of persons with Autism, which may provide insight into any underlying metabolic abnormality. Contact details for the Autism Research Unit are given along with other useful addresses and useful reading.


Education of Children and Young People with Autism

Rita Jordan

This is a nine chapter book in which the first eight chapters provide information of relevance to parents and practitioners working directly with children with Autism. The ninth chapter provides some insight into the development of educational services in four countries-France, Hungary, Spain and South Africa.


What is Asperger Syndrome, and How Will it Affect Me?

Martine Ives

A guide for the young person with Asperger Syndrome. This book provides tips and suggestions to the individual on coping with many social situations.


Words will really hurt me, how to protect your child from bullying

The National Autistic Society

A guide for parents and carers.


Autism, Medical & Educational Aspects, 2nd Edition

T. Peeters & C. Gillberg

This book, aimed at the medical community and the teaching profession, introduces the medical background to Autism and discusses current educational approaches to helping those diagnosed with Autism. Also, the book attempts to bridge the gap between the theoretical understanding of Autism and the understanding


An Introduction to Psychological Test and Scales

Kate Miriam Loewenthal

A new text for all psychology students who are embarking on fieldwork or research analysis. A valuable tool for psychology undergraduates and a useful introductory text for students and professionals in related disciplines.


Living and Working with Autism

Practical Guidelines prepared by the School Principal’s Working Party of the NAS and local Autistic Societies