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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to rent

The Irish Society for Autism has a large library of books and booklets available for rent. For further information on what is available, please see the list below.


Teaching Children with Autism to Mind Read

Howlin, Baron-Cohen, & Hadwin

This book explores the relationship of “theory of mind” deficits to other areas of children’s functioning and describes existing experimental work that has attempted to enhance the skills associated with understanding other minds. The authors tackle problematic issues including how to interpret facial expressions, how to recognise feelings of anger, sadness, fear and happiness. How feelings are affected, by what happens and what is expected to happen, how to see things from another person’s perspective and how to understand another person’s knowledge and beliefs. This easy to follow teaching guide is of particular use to anyone working or caring on the Autistic spectrum.


It can get Better

Paul Dickinson & Liz Hannah

This book deals with common behavioural problems in children with Autism and is a guide for parents and carers.


A Real Person – Life on the Outside

Gunilla Gerland

This book is written by a person with Asperger Syndrome. It offers startling and deeply moving insights into Asperger Syndrome. It is of immense value to families and professionals striving to understand Autistic people in their care. It is also a beautifully written account of an agonising childhood by a woman with natural gift for writing.


My brother is Different.

Louise Garrod

This book is aimed at siblings of children with Autism.


Asperger Syndrome – A Practical Guide for Teachers

V Cumine, J Leach and G Stevenson

This is a clear and concise guide to classroom practice for teachers and support assistants who work with children with Asperger’s Syndrome in mainstream schools and other non-specialist settings.


Finding out about Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism & PDD

V Cumine, J Leach and G Stevenson

Gunilla Gerland was diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome several years ago. Her book gives us a better understanding of a person with Autism or Asperger Syndrome.


Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD

William Shaw

A comprehensive, and easy to read guide to the most current research and medical therapies for Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder.


Making Music with the Young Child with Special Needs

Elaine Streeter

This book is intended to help make the most of the child’s interest in music as early as possible, it describes the way music can be used and provides practical help in starting to play simple musical instruments with the child. It explains how musical activities can help stimulate skills in other areas such as language and communication, and it provides accessible ways for parents to approach music themselves and to give them the confidence to make music with their child.


Behavioural Concerns & Autistic Spectrum Disorders

John Clements & Eva Zarkowska

This book is a practical and comprehensive account of how people who attract Autism labels can come to behave in ways that give rise to serious concerns in other people and sometimes themselves. The authors identify the range of needs that may be expressed through behaviours that cause concern and provide strategies for addressing both needs and behaviours.


Bringing up a Challenging Child at Home, when love is not enough

Jane Gregory

In this book Jane Gregory describes her life with her daughter Chrissy. She describes her struggles to cope with Chrissy’s difficult behaviour and the effects on the rest of the family, and her attempts on the rest of the family, and her attempts the reasons behind it. Her story provides professionals as well as parents a unique insight into what it is like to bring up a complex and challenging child.


Autism 2002, Breaking Through the Wall

Kieran & Anne O’Grady

A parents guide to treatments, therapies, teaching methods & tax and welfare entitlements.


Invisible Victims

Christopher Williams

This book outlines the range and nature of crimes against people with learning difficulties and the way the law does or should relate to these crimes.


Helping Children with Autism to Learn

Stuart Powell

This book considers how individuals with Autism can be helped to learn through specific approaches to teaching that draw together understandings of how such individuals think and learn and the implications for those who aim to teach them. Teachers and parents will benefit from the insights this book offers into reasons behind Autistic ways of behaving and guidance about ways of responding.


Autism: Perspectives on Progress

University of Durham

A collection of papers from the conference organised by the Autism Research Unit, at the University of Durham, from April 5th to 7th April 2000.


Miracle in the Making

The Irish Society for Autism

Published by the Irish Society for Autism to mark the adoption by the European Parliament of the Written Declaration on the Rights of People with Autism, May 1996.


Blue Bottle Mystery, An Asperger Adventure

Kathy Hoopman

This book is about Ben and his friend Andy, who find an old bottle in the schoolyard. What is the strange wisp of smoke that keeps following them around? Things become even more complicated when Ben is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.


Diet Intervention and Autism

Marilyn Le Breton

Implementing the Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet for Autistic Children and Adults. A practical guide for parents.


Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything

Ken P. Kerr & Gill Rowley

This book is written by a boy with Asperger Syndrome, and is for anyone interested in understanding anything more about Autism, including parents, siblings, teachers and professionals.


Autism, A Holistic Approach

B. Woodward & Dr. M. Hogenboom

Autism a Holistic Approach, quotes case studies where curative education based on a holistic approach has resulted in marked improvement in the Autistic individuals behaviour and social integration.


Raising a Child with Autism

Shira Richman

This book explains how parents can adapt to the practical techniques used in ABA for use at home, providing tips and guidelines to increase play skills, improve communication and sibling interaction and increase independence. This book also covers toilet training, food selectivity, self-dressing and community outings. And it also contains an overview of the theory of ABA.