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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to rent

The Irish Society for Autism has a large library of books and booklets available for rent. For further information on what is available, please see the list below.


Alternatives to punishment-Solving behaviour problems with non-aversive strategies

Gary W. Lavigna & Anne M. Donnellan

This book discusses solving behaviour problems with non-aversive strategies.


Progress without punishment

Donnellan, LaVigna, Negri- Schoultz, Fassbender

This book provides an overview of non-aversive technology demonstrating through case histories how appropriate methods can yield positive results even for those with the most challenging behaviour problems. It provides workable strategies for behaviour management, in the new era of community integration. It will be of exceptional value to professionals in the field, as a resource for programme administrators, residential care workers and parents.


Living and Learning with Autism: perspectives from the individual, the family and the professional.

University of Durham

A collection of papers from the conference held at The College of St. Hild and St. Bede, University of Durham April 1st to 3rd 1996.


Loners-The life path of unusual children

Sula Wolff

In Loners, Sula Wolf discusses the nature and origins of the difficulties of solitary children and compares them with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and schizoid/schizotypal personality disorders. The book shows the necessity of the clinical recognition of the condition. Loners will help all professionals toward a realistic approach to the treatment and education of affected people, both adults and children.


Irish Families under Stress, Vol 16.

Fitzgerald, Matthews, Birkbeck & O’Connor

A prevalence and psychosocial study in the Eastern regional Health Authority Area of Dublin.


Asperger Syndrome, a guide for Parents & Professionals.

Tony Attwood

This book provides a description and analysis of the unusual characteristics of Asperger Syndrome, with strategies to reduce those that are most conspicuous or debilitating, it brings together the most relevant and useful information on all aspects of the syndrome from language and social behaviour to motor clumsiness.


COPING A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome

Marc Segar

This book is written by a person with Asperger Syndrome and is packed with really helpful advise on how to cope with Asperger Syndrome.


Activity Schedule for children with Autism

L. E. McClannahan & P. J. Krantz

Activity Schedules – simple, yet revolutionary teaching tools, enable children with Autism to accomplish activities with greatly reduced adult supervision. An activity schedule is a set of pictures or words that cue a child to engage in a sequence of activities. When the activity schedules are mastered children are more self directed and purposeful in their home, school and leisure activities. In this book parents and professionals will find detailed instructions and examples to help them.


Educational Intervention for Children with Autism, A Literature Review of Recent & Current Research

Rita Jordan, Glenys Jones & Dina Murray

A guide to Educational Interventions for children with Autism.


Parent Survival Manual

Eric Schopler

The Parents Survival Manual is compiled from 350 anecdotes told by parents of Autistic and developmentally disabled children and analysed by professional behaviour therapists, illustrates effective solutions to various behaviour problems such as aggression, communication, perseveration, play and leisure, eating and sleeping and toileting and hygiene. Schopler offers the Autism affected family quick reference to solutions of the most difficult behaviour problems as well as systematic behavioural analysis for individualised application to new problems.


Autism: How to Help your Young Child

Leicester Co.Co. & Fosse Health Trust.

Provides many useful suggestions on how to help children with Autism through, social interaction, communication, imagination and the need for sameness.


The Autistic Continuation, an Assessment & Intervention Schedule

Maureen Aarons & Tessa Gittens

This assessment and intervention schedule for investigating the behaviours, skills and needs of children with Autism and Autism Spectrum difficulties.


Parents Education as Autism Therapists

Keenan, Kerr & Dillenburger

This book is a useful introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis for parents and professionals working with children with Autism.


Autism & Play

Jannik Beyer & Lone Gammeltoft

This handbook describes different play sequences, which encourage the integration of social, emotional and cognitive development in Autistic children. Autism and Play will enable parents to nurture their child’s social and cognitive development, and will inform the practice of professionals working in close contact with children on the Autistic Spectrum.


Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism & Related Disorders

Maria Wheeler

This book offers effective strategies for teaching toilet skills and is a comprehensive guide for parents and teachers.


Autism Spectrum Disorders, An Introductory Handbook

Rita Jordan

This book is written for practitioners working in the field of Autism and related disorders including Asperger Syndrome. This handbook offers an overview of current understandings of these disorders from a behavioural, biological and psychological perspective. This book is relevant to those interested in development psychology as well as to those who seek a greater understanding of Autism.


Meeting the Needs of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Rita Jordan & Glenys Jones

This book is an ideal companion for students in teacher training, newly qualified teachers or for anyone teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for the first time in a mainstream setting.


Sleep Better

V. Mark Durand

This book offers professionals and parents step by step, ”how to” instructions for addressing a variety of problems and implementing widely tested, largely drug free techniques that have already helped hundreds of children with special needs. For resolving bedtime tantrums, night walking, bedwetting, insomnia and other sleep problems, the author makes a number of suggestions.


Siblings of Children with Autism, A Guide for Families

Sandra L. Harris

This book is a guide to understanding sibling relationships, how Autism affects these relationships, and what families can do to support their other children as they cope with the intensive needs of a child with Autism. It also teaches parents how to improve communication in the family, balance personal and family time, and foster interaction between children with Autism and their brothers and sisters.


Love, Hope and Autism

Joanna Edgar

This book is written by a mother, Jo Edgar and is a straightforward account of her life with her son Peter who has Autism. She describes not only the every day struggles and challenges that the family face but also the various therapies and teaching methods they have tried.