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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to rent

The Irish Society for Autism has a large library of books and booklets available for rent. For further information on what is available, please see the list below.


Asperger Syndrome-Practical Strategies for the Classroom

Leicester City & County Co.’s

This book outlines the nature of the underlying impairments and explains how these may give rise to problems in school and provide practical management suggestions.


Building Europe Together

Seminar & Conclusions

Media campaign to raise awareness on the perspectives opened by the Amsterdam Treaty for disabled persons and their families. Seminar and Conclusions.


Autism & the Development of Mind

R. Peter Hobson

This book gives us an insight into the newly emerging area of study concerned with how children understand their social worlds and the many ramifications that this understanding has for their cognitive and social lives.


Mixed Blessings

William & Barbara Christopher.

This is the story of William & Barbara Christopher and their Autistic son Ned. While Bill was playing the role of Fr. Mulcahy in the television show Mash, only those close to him knew the private drama he was living at home. From the painful recognition of a problem through the agonising search for answers the Christopher’s tell of years of frustration, jostled between hope and despair and how words of Bill Christopher they “somehow managed to have a lot of fun along the way”.


Autism- An Introduction of psychological theory

Francesca Happe

This book makes a unique contribution to the literature on this perplexing disorder. It combines a clear introductory account of current thinking in the field; with a balanced overview of psychology theory and a critical synthesis of research work in the area. It will be an essential scientific introduction for all who choose to study Autism in psychology, medicine, speech science and education at undergraduate level and above, while also enlightening both parents and carers of children with Autism.


Son Rise- The Miracle Continues

Barry Neil Kaufman

Part one of Son-Rise the Miracle Continues is the astonishing and poignant record of Raun Kaufman’s development from a lifeless non-communicative child into an active loving and verbal little boy. Part Two tells of Raun’s development after age four and Part Three delivers a deeply moving account of five other ordinary families who used the Son-Rise programme to reach their “unreachable” children.


A Miracle to Believe In

Barry Neil Kaufman

This books follows the story of Robertito, a young Autistic boy who was deemed, ‘incurable’ and ‘uneducable’, and his progress after his parents contacted the Kaufman’s.


The Riddle of Autism, A Psychological Analysis

George Victor

The Riddle of Autism provides an integrating perspective that is needed by researchers, teachers and others, who work with Autistic children. It examines the myths that cloud an understanding of this disorder, explores developmental contributions to it, as well as describes and probes the meanings of its specific behavioural symptoms.


Getting Services for your Child on the Autism Spectrum.

D. Hyatt Foley & Matthew G.Foley.

This book tells the story of two parents of a child first diagnosed with PDD whose initial experiences with the education system were not unlike those of most parents of a child with a disability. This book describes the experiences in obtaining educational services and information about the disability community, what they learnt from those experiences, and what other parents can do to help their own child. It provides honest and practical advice, which will be invaluable to anyone with a child on the Autistic Spectrum and to all those professionals who work with them.


Teaching Children with Autism

Robert L. Koegel & Lynn Koegel

This book dispels the stereotype surrounding Autism by providing accurate information on how much children with this complex disorder can learn. It discusses the behavioural characteristics of Autism, available intervention methods and key topics such as spontaneous language, over selectivity, social communication, self-communication and self-management.


Autistic Spectrum Disorders: An Aid to Diagnosis

Lorna Wing

As Title


Autism – Medical and Educational Aspects

Peeters & Gilberg

This book is aimed at the medical and teaching profession. It introduces the medical background to autism and discusses current educational approaches to helping those diagnosed with Autism.


Thinking in Pictures

Temple Grandin & M.

This book, in Temple Grandin’s own words is a story of what it is like to live with Autism, to be among the few people who have broken through many of the neurological impairments associated with Autism.


Children with Autism, Diagnosis & Interventions to meet their needs

Trevarthen, Aitken, Papoudi, Robarts

In this comprehensive study of Autism the authors, balancing theory with practice present a clear picture of what it means to be Autistic and what can be done to improve the capabilities of the Autistic child. They consider the historical descriptions and explanations of the condition, the symptoms and probable causes, the classification of Autism and related conditions, such as Asperger Syndrome.


Understanding and Teaching children with Autism

Rita Jordan & Stuart Powell

Understanding the development processes and problems of children with Autism, and the implications of these problems for social and educational learning, is the purpose of this book. The fundamental problems of Autism- relationships, communication, flexibility of thought and behaviour are addressed and practical guidance is offered on how these might be overcome or circumvented in both home and school.


When the eagles fly

Jean Collins

A report on the resettlement of people with learning disabilities from long stay institutions.


Making music with the Handicapped Child

Elaine Streeter

This booklet is designed to help you make the most of your child’s interest in music as early as possible, by discussing the ways in which music can be used and showing you how to start playing simple musical instruments at home.


Floating Cities

Stephen Wiltshire

This book represents Stephen Wiltshire’s response to a “grand tour” of Europe. These drawings testify to an assured draughtsmanship and an ability to convey complex perspectives with consummate ease. It is this genius, which sets him apart and confers upon him the status of artist.

170B- C

Autistic learning- A guide to good practice

Stuart Powell & Rita Jordan

This book demonstrates how a cognitive perspective on the way in which, individuals with Autism think and learn may be applied to particular curriculum areas. It shows clearly how theory can influence practice and sets out new view (i.e. a cognitive one) of the relationship between learning and Autism, and hence the way in which the curriculum must be constructed so as to accommodate that relationship.

176B- C-D

Therapeutic intervention in Autism: perspectives from research and practice.

University of Durham

A collection of papers from the conference held at The College of St. Hild and St. Bede, University of Durham April 1st to 3rd 1996.