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We provide a library of useful books and publications so you can learn more about Autism

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Books to buy

Please see our list of library books about Autism that are available to buy. These books can be useful for anyone who would like to learn more. For further information about the below titles, please get in touch.


Autism: Understanding Behaviour - Caroline Hattersley N.A.S.

This book looks at the cause and function of behaviour: what might a child be trying to communicate or achieve by acting in a particular way? It also discusses a number of practical strategies that can be used in day to day situations, or at times of heightened stress and anxiety to help a child manage their behaviour.


Play with Me – Including children with Autism in mainstream primary schools - Isabel Cottinelli Telmo

What is Autism? What difficulties do children with Autism have? How can other children in the class help them? This book offers practical help to difficult questions. It gives classmates a better understanding of children with Autism.


Talking together about an Autism diagnosis. - Rachel Pike N.A.S.

This book gives some practical tips and strategies for sharing a diagnosis of ASD with a child. It is also useful for people working with children and young people with an ASD or for people who care for older adolescents or adults on the Autism Spectrum.