Gary Lavigna and the Charter of Rights

For those people who have the challenges typically associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder  (ASD), one of those challenges is often their behaviour. This gives them the need for and the right to the least restrictive support capable of meeting their needs and the needs of their family and those around them. Unfortunately, because of their challenging behaviour, they often experience abusivephysical treatment or neglect.

In the “Charter of Rights for People with Autism”, I describe how challenging behaviour can be addressed effectively, using PBS, without abusive physical treatment.

-Dr. Gary W. Levigna

Gary LaVigna is Co-founder and Clinical Director of the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis in Los Angeles, California. He spends much of his time consulting with organizations on establishing nonaversive behavior support plans for individuals exhibiting severe and challenging behavior and presenting seminars on the topic throughout the world.

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