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Please Take Part in Our Survey!

We need your input

 Irish Society for Autism – Autism Survey 2020 

The Irish Society for Autism is delighted to announce a national Autism research survey. The purpose of this survey is to seek the views of People with Autism, their Parents/Families, and Professionals on a wide range of issues relevant to Autism in Ireland today. 

The Irish Society for Autism have decided to conduct this survey research as this has not been done before in Ireland.  It is crucial that the views of people with Autism, their families, and professionals are sought and listened to. There is a gap in comprehensive information on the lived experience of people with Autism and their families. We are conducting this survey to fill that gap.

We are asking people to complete one of our survey questionnaires, whichever is most relevant.

We have 3 separate questionnaires: 

  • A questionnaire to be completed by Adults with Autism in Ireland (only complete if you are over 18 years of age)
  • A questionnaire to be completed by Parents/Family Members of people with Autism in Ireland (only complete if you are over 18 years of age)
  • A questionnaire to be completed by Professional Staff supporting or working with People with Autism in Ireland.

Note: We are surveying people over 18 as they have reached the age of majority in Ireland and can consent to participate in the survey.

We would like this questionnaire to be circulated as widely as possible. The more questionnaires that are completed, the more comprehensive the research will be.  Closing date: 14th of February 2020

We would therefore be grateful if you would complete a questionnaire and/or circulate to anyone relevant.

Please ensure that you save a copy of the relevant questionnaire BEFORE completing it, then open the file using Adobe to enter your responses, otherwise your responses may not be saved

Once complete, save the file again and email to us at survey@autism.ie (please check your responses have been saved before emailing the survey)

If you have any queries, please contact us on 01-8744684

Please see the questionnaires and additional instructions below;

Taking Part in the Questionnaire


Please download a copy of the questionnaire (PDF) that is relevant to you, and save it to your digital device. You can download a copy of the relevant PDF by clicking on the link to the questionnaire.

Once downloaded and saved, the questionnaire can be completed by filling in the form on your PC, saving a copy of the completed form, and returning it as an email attachment to survey@autism.ie (the questionnaires may not be compatible with mobile phones and tablets).

The questionnaire is comprised of questions that can be answered by ticking the relevant box and/or by writing or typing into a comment box.

Note: Please check your responses have been saved before emailing the survey.

Closing date:  14th of February 2020 


Print and Post:

Alternatively the questionnaire can be printed, completed and returned free of charge by post to:

Irish Society for Autism,

Unity Building,

16/17 Lower O’Connell Street,


Dublin 1,

D01 E9W0.


Note: Hard copies of the questionnaires can be requested via email to survey@autism.ie or through our office on 01-8744684.


Note: Questionnaires will be retained for a maximum period of 12 months and then destroyed. The questionnaires are anonymous. No names will be used or referenced. The purpose of the questionnaire is not to deal with queries or concerns concerning individuals. These can be addressed by contacting the relevant body directly.